If you’re here to donate to the Doula Training fund, you can scroll down to Saturday’s post for the “Donate” button.  Or read on, anyways!

This experiment in voluntary resource-sharing is exciting to me.  In some ways it feels like Indiana Jones stepping out onto the invisible bridge (which movie was that? The Last Crusade?)… I *believe* that people want to support each other in pursuing their passions, the things that make them come alive.  I’d even be willing to say that I believe it’s part of “human nature” to want to support each other.  The “invisible” part of this bridge is that there aren’t many practical, established practices to do this.  Beyond Christmas and birthdays, American culture doesn’t encourage “gifting”… quite the opposite, in fact!  “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps!”

And asking for help is discouraged, a sign of weakness.  After sending out the request for donations on Friday night, I had moments of doubt and insecurity.  “Am I being greedy?”  “Am I being lazy?”  I settled on a decided “NO”.  I’m stepping out onto the web of connectedness to show that it is strong, ready to support people who need it — and not just in moments of crisis, but also in moments of opportunity.  And the moments in between, too, the mundane moments when a hug or a smile just feels good.