Tonight I went to a healing circle for a friend who has cancer, and it involved all of us (eight women) reflecting on our own journeys, finding our own answers to our current “life questions” and seeing how they related to her journey.

My answer was clear (the question is irrelevant): there is no reason for me to hide who I Am, and every reason to shine.  I am powerful in sharing my Truth, and weak when I hesitate or hold back.  The question isn’t “what do I have to do to serve others?”… instead I move forward with the confidence that following my inspirations will serve in ways I can’t imagine or (have the arrogance to believe that I) control.  My path isn’t for me to “figure out” — it’s there for me to open to.  When I feel the inspiration, I simply have to follow it…

We all left the circle feeling centered in our sense of connection with something larger than us — and that in itself is healing for us all.  (One of the women recalled a saying that the shift from illness to wellness takes shifting from “I” to “WE”!)