Tarot gives us the opportunity to step back and look at our lives from a particular perspective.  When we look through the frame/filter a reading provides, we look for a theme that the cards are indicating.  Then, we notice our reactions to the theme — gut reactions, mental reactions, and emotional reactions.  Are we deeply satisfied, deeply troubled, or unaffected by what we see?  What do we want to change about what the cards indicate?  The cards often imply a possible new direction, and some of the work needed to make the change.

Is it magic or simply a psychological tool?

A bit of both, it seems.  I do believe in magic, as the very real influence of energies beyond logic and reason.  And I believe that our psychological workings affect those energies in subtle and profound ways.  If you don’t believe in magic, the cards function just fine as a combination of archetypes that stimulate self-reflection.

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