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mandalaKate Adamson is dedicated to a life a creative collaboration.  A team-building facilitator, environmental educator, director of children’s spiritual education, fire dancing performer and actress, Kate brings a spirit of community to all she does.   Kate lived for nearly 4 years in one of the largest and oldest communes in the United States, and created the blog “Over the Edge” to write about her experiences there.  Now she works to encourage deep connection and cooperation in the larger world.  We’re all in this together, let’s start acting like it!

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I use Tarot as a tool for deep self-reflection and understanding my place in the archetypal human journey.  It isn’t ‘fortune-telling’, but sometimes I get surprised by an eerily-accurate prediction, and I’m humbled yet again by the mysteries I don’t understand.  I use the cards daily in my personal practice, and offer readings to people who are looking for a fresh perspective on a life situation.

sacred ceremonies:

Rituals and ceremonies can be powerful tools for making a change, or for  honoring a change that has already happened.   We step into sacred space to make commitments to ourselves and to others from the deepest parts of ourselves.  In that space, we are open to receive wisdom and insight from deep within.  I help design and facilitate ceremonies for groups and individuals, for celebration, release, and transformation.


“Over the Edge: the blog” began in 2003 as a form of activism, to share life on the commune (Twin Oaks, in rural Virginia) with the larger world.  Since leaving the community in early 2006, the blog has continued to be an exploration of what it takes to create a life of purpose, connection, and deep joy.